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Humorous Scripts: ASBO Babies Author: Douglas Brown

                                                           ASBO BABIES


The comedy sketch takes a Scottish slant on the 2006 news report that experts claim to be able to identify children that may grow up to exhibit anti-social-behaviour and therefore are at risk of being served a UK ASBO (Anti-Social-Behaviour-Order) from the Police.


FX                                                      BABIES CRYING

SISTER                                               Doctor, why are yea lyin oan ra floor covered in awe rem heavily soiled nappies?


DOCTOR                                           (AWFY POSH) They weans chucked them at me, Sister.


SISTER                                              Whit a baby did it?


FX                                                      BABIES STOP CRYING

DOCTOR                                           It wus wan of those ASBO babies.


SISTER                                              But we'eve no goat any ASBO babies    …….Unless


DOCTOR                                           Unless what? Sister?


MATRON                                          It coulda been wee Solidarity, cause that’s         Tommy Sheridan’s new baby.





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