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£1bn golfing resort is still 'alive' after ministers call in Trump plan

SCOTTISH ministers last night took the unprecedented step of calling in Donald Trump's planning application for a £1 billion golf resort, without an appeal having been made. In a decision described by one planning expert as "very odd", the controversial scheme will now be examined by the Scottish Government, despite last week being rejected by Aberdeenshire councillors.
Ministers could overturn the local authority's decision, uphold it, or appoint a reporter and hold a public inquiry into the Trump Organization's proposals. The move will raise questions about whether the integrity of the democratic planning process has been compromised.
Date: 6 December 2007



Play yer Cerds Right
by Doug Brown

MALCY Wullie. Whits ra difference tween a democracy oan a dictatorship?

WULLIE Dictatorships dinny listen tae us yins, cause wes jist gets telt, anat.

MALCY Aye an wi democraphies we gets tae elect cooncillors an yon Members o’ ra Scottish Parliament..

WULLIE Aye, like playing cerds an golf!

MALCY How d’ya work rat oot, Wullie?

WULLIE When yer playing golf yer want tae win! Right!

MALCY Aye but Ah don’t see whit golf an cerds uv tae dae wi it?

WULLIE Well, first ye elect a Scottish First Minister an ren alang comes ra Yanks to build a multimillion dollar golf club in Aberdeen and mess up awe yon conservency your vocational stuff.

MALCY An yer point is?

WULLIE So ra locals don’t want it dae rae? So rae democraphically say,
“Ye’r not oan! Away’n bugger up yer oan backyerd! If yeas’ve oany left tae bugger up?”

MALCY Aye an yer Plannin department run by yer elected cooncilors turn it doon cause o’ ra public ootcry.

WULLIE Aye, rats when the Scottish Government steps in tae play cerds , Malcy.

MALCY Cerds?

WULLIE Ave yer no heard. Them duly elected Scot Nats are set tae reverse the Planner’s decision an could let it go aheed. Yon Swinny block jist played is TRUMP cerd.

TOGETHER Bluddy Dictatorship!


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