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Now available in eBook format from all Amazon stores:  USA = $0.99 UK = £0.75
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Fabulous fantasy novel for teenagers:

Medusa Island


Book Description

When three of Simon's classmates disappear and no one seems to notice, Simon thinks he may be going mad. He and a friend soon discover their missing friends, but, to the boys' horror, they have been turned to stone. Nearby they meet a girl, Melissa, who has snakes for hair. Only the boys' mirrored sunglasses save them from a similar fate. As the parallels to Greek mythology multiply, Simon uncovers the plot of a megalomaniac scientist who has discovered a blend of ancient magic and modern science that alters the DNA of humans and animals, turning them into mythical creatures. It is up to Simon and his pals to save Melissa's island home— and the world—from the schemes of Doctor X. Sirens, Nymphs, hydras, Cyclops, and a colorful cast of modern mythological creatures are given a quirky contemporary twist in this exciting and entertaining tale.



After the movie, Simon hurried home, to speak to his mother about Chris. His mom, Mrs. Wanabea Fairleywelthy, didn’t hear him come in. Simon watched her lying curled up on her pink-leather sofa scoffing chocolates by the handful. He loved his mother and wouldn’t swap her for the whole universe. But there were a few things about her he’d like to change. Recently he’d made a list of everything that irritated him—but he’d got bored when he reached number eighty-four. Third on his list was the fact that she never, ever left her pink-leather sofa. Over the years he’d seen her eat, sleep, swim, dance, cook, paraglide, and do many other things on her pink-leather sofa. He remembered with embarrassment the time she’d taken it to the amusement park. Simon had helped carry it onto the Big-Dipper, Shockwave and all the other roller coaster rides. Second on his list was her bedraggled appearance—her hair hadn’t been cut since she was a child and she wore it in a huge bun, perched on top of her head like a dead hedgehog. But absolutely, definitely at the very top of Simon’s ‘most annoying things about mom’ list, was that a week ago she’d confiscated his cell phone. Simon and Ross had been having a competition to see how many different countries they could contact. When their parents received massive bills the boys were banned from using any phone for six months. Simon found this particularly annoying as the score had been standing at ninety-nine counties each and he desperately wanted to be first to reach the winning target of one-hundred.

“Mom, can Chris come for dinner tomorrow?” asked Simon.

“That would be nice,” replied Mom.

“Will you make his favorite pudding?”

“That would be nice,” replied Mom.

“Then can we go on a spaceship to Mars?”

“That would be nice,” replied Mom.

Just as he thought, his mother was too busy watching her favorite TV soaps to listen. Simon grabbed the remotes and the three televisions fizzled out of life.

“Mom! Listen to me! This is important!” he yelled.

“I am listening honey,” replied Mom, turning the page of her magazine. “Remind me what you said.”

“My friend Chris has disappeared,” blurted Simon.

“Oh that’s a shame,” said Mom, filling in the answer to Five Down on the crossword puzzle. “Never mind he’ll probably feel better by morning.”

“So you remember Chris?” quizzed Simon.

“Of course. Now let me think . . . is he the nice boy with the spotty face?”

“No Mom that’s Ross.”

“Oh . . . is he the horrid boy with the nice face?”

“No Mom.”

“Well then . . . what about the quite nice boy with the not so horrid face?”

“Mom! Chris was here last night. Remember?”

“Last night . . . mmmm . . . ” said Mom, pensively and annoyingly slowly. “Did we have boiled cabbage for dinner last night?”

“Oh forget it,” said Simon, exasperated. “I’m going to bed.”

Simon lay deep in thought. “Either I’m going crazy or everyone else is, and, as there’s less chance of everyone else going crazy all at the same time, it must be me.” This was a very unpleasant thought. Then he had another thought. Not a thought that was more pleasant—just a different thought. He remembered the photo he’d taken of Chris and Ross at the zoo a few days earlier. He jumped out of bed and yanked open his bedside cabinet. There it was lying safely under a pile of used tissues and bits of bubble gum that, although well chewed, hadn’t completely lost their flavor. Simon snatched up the photo. To his great relief Chris was there. He wasn’t going crazy. Now he had proof that his friend really did exist.

But, as Simon stared in disbelief, the photo began to change.

“No!” cried Simon. “Oh no!”

The image of Chris faded. Within a few seconds only Ross and the three monkeys remained. Chris was gone!


Fabulous fantasy novel for kids
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