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Humorous Scripts: Famous Author, J. K. Bowring, gets Writers-Block! Author: Stuart Macfarlane

Headline:  Famous Author, J. K. Bowring, gets Writers-Block!

Her much awaited 212th sequel to a now forgotten book could even be delayed by several days. Millions of fans protest in the street and threaten to sue if they are deprived of the book by even 10 minutes.

Source: Date: 21st February 2007



JayKay: (In a whining voice) I really can’t think today.

Super-Alter-Ego: That’s not like you JayKay – you are such a wonderful writer – everything you write is so amazingly brilliant and always so very, very original . . .

JayKay: I know – I really am fantastic. But today I have writers-block!!

Super-Alter-Ego: Writers-Block!?!? What’s that.

 JayKay: That’s when you want to write but nothing seems to come out.

Super-Alter-Ego: Ridiculous - that’s like saying someone has Runner’s-Block.

(Putting on a mocking voice) ‘Oh I put on my running shorts and shoes and went out into the street. I wanted to run but you know it just wouldn’t happen. I tried to put one foot in front of the other but I just couldn’t run.”

(In normal voice) There’s no such thing as Writers-Block. So just get on with the writing and stop moaning.

JayKay: But the words just won’t come . . .

Super-Alter-Ego: Then do what you usually do!

JayKay: What’s that?

Super-Alter-Ego: Read a few good kids book and steal all the best bits!!!!

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