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Humorous Scripts: House Prices Author: Stuart Macfarlane


WILLIE:                                   Hey Rab, did ye see thit hoose prices in Scotland huv  risen anither 10 pur cent?

 RAB:                                       Jings. Dae ye recon thit ma hoose hus gone up too?

 WILLIE:                                   Naw - ah don’t know thit there’s much demand fur accommodation under ra Kingstone Bridge.

 RAB:                                       Fair point there.

 WILLIE:                                   But see if ye wur tae take yer cardboard box an’ relocate it tae Bearsden it wud be wurth a wee fortune.

 RAB:                                       Aye, yer right there – but see it wid be wan hell o’ a distance tae humph ma Big Issues in ra mornin’.

                                                  Naw am  jist is happy stayin’ where Ah um.

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