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Humorous Scripts: Life Insurance Author: Douglas Brown

Life Insurance


Non-smoking consumers could benefit from cheaper life insurance premiums.

Sainsbury's Bank has suggested.  According to the group, those people who have kicked the habit or have never had the inclination to light up could expect to receive life insurance premiums of up to 48 per cent cheaper.  The group's comments precede the rolling out of laws later this year which are set to make smoking illegal in public places.


Article date: 29/01/2007





Scene:  Two men sitting under the Brooklyn Bridge keeping warm by a small fire.


Michael:           So will your children benefit if you die in your sleep, Walter?


Walter:             Yes, and so will I, but only if I kick the habit!


Michael:           I didnít know you were a User, Walter?


Walter:             Itís not drugs, Michael. Itís just an occasional indulgence.


Michael:           What!  Are you saying that you donít empty a whole bottle of cheap bourbon in one sitting? You can hardly call that an Ďoccasionalí indulgence!


Walter:             Itís not the drink I need to kick, itís the habit of sitting with those; tea total, smoke-free, cleaner than thou hypocrites that call themselves fellow insurance people.  Now roll me another nicotine patch so I can get a quick Ďlegalí gasp before we have to go back to work at Sainsburyís Bank!


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