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Humorous Scripts: The Terracotta Army Author: Douglas Brown
On the March: The Terracotta Army comes to London

News Anchor: Over to Qin Shi Huangdi for a special report.

Qin: The view is absolutely breathtaking from my vantage point in the gallery. Since it opened, 2 million visitors have visited this site annually to gain an insight into some of the most influential and powerful people. From here I can see many figures proudly standing side-by-side in the various ranks that originally depicted a unified nation.

News Anchor: Could you tell us a bit more about the building?

Qin: The building itself comprises of several levels, some going down as far as 15 to 20 feet below ground level. The architecture is rather odd to say the least, with corridors and rooms separated by earthen walls, paved with strangely modernistic pottery bricks.

News Anchor: And is there much action in the building at preset?

Qin: Despite the rumour that each of the 8,000 people that inhabit this building have not moved a muscle since it was opened, some activity was recorded recently due to a partial roof collapse.

News Anchor: Finally Qin. Could you give us some more information about the recent discoveries relating to the Terracotta Army?

Qin: The Terracotta Army! Good God No! I am reporting from the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh!!

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