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Humorous Scripts: INDEPENDENCE DAY Author: Douglas Brown
by Doug Brown

An independent Scotland would have to apply to join EU

Political Spokesman: Its been argued repeatedly that a breakaway from the union would result in seamless independent status.

News Anchor: So do you think independence is a viable possibility in the near future?

Spokesman: Well it could happen if talks between the two factions break down any further. Every time they get close to the table, they seem to be speaking different languages! Given such differences a split is becoming more and more inevitable.

Anchor: Is it true that if the separatists had their way they could lose their status in the European Union?

Spokesman: Interesting point! A senior member of the EU asserted that under such circumstances a newly independent country having formerly been a EU member would have to re apply, a process that could take months and even years to complete.

Anchor: Surely that would have a serious impact on the countries economic stability, resulting in a NO vote in a Scottish referendum?

Spokesman: No, NOT Scotland! BELGIUM!
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