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Humorous Scripts: Wendy in Neverland Author: Douglas Brown

Headline: Alexander will learn within days if she faces police inquiry over illegal donation

WENDY Alexander will find out within days whether she will face a police investigation into the illegal donation to her campaign fund, it emerged last night.

It is understood the Electoral Commission will make a decision soon. A spokeswoman said officials were "seeking clarification" from Ms Alexander's team about donations. When that process is completed, the commission will then decide on how to proceed. The Scotsman: Thursday, 6th December 2007


Wendy in Neverland

Eternal Boy: I dream of a land where children never grow up but instead become politicians; Where there are no schools, at least no primary schools with nursery classes of larger than 18; A land where no one gets sick, and if they do they do, their medicines are paid for; Of a land where no one commits a crime because of heartfelt sympathy towards an ageing police force, armed only with truncheons, Kevlar vests and zimmers with blue lights.

Wendy: It sound like a really nice place.

Eternal Boy: This is a place where nurses and policemen get their pay deals sorted; A place where there is nothing to fear except the ticking of a clock.

Wendy: Is that what Neverland is like Peter?

Eternal Boy:  No not Neverland, Wendy, and I am Alex! Not Peter?  Surely as the leader of the opposition you must recognise your First Minister?

Wendy: Soooh! If itís not Neverland (pause) you must be thinking about (pause) Scotland?

Alex: Aye Wendy!  Aní the clock is ticking! 

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