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Humorous Scripts: Class Test Author: Stuart Macfarlane



MR PEACOCK:                      (LOUDLY) Right, you there . . . yes you . . . what’s the capital of France?


CANDIDATE #1:                    Ehh . . . ummm . . . wait, I know this . . . is it . . . is it . . . is it Rome?


MR PEACOCK:                      (LOUDLY) No it is not! Go and sit at the back of the class with the other pathetic failures.


                                                Okay you – what is eleven multiplied by twelve?


CANDIDATE #2:                    Oh, not fair, maths isn’t my strong subject  . . .


MR PEACOCK:                      (LOUDLY) Come on – I need your answer.


CANDIDATE #2:                    Is it one-hundred-and-twenty-one . . . no wait one-hundred-and-thirty-six . . . am I warm?


MR PEACOCK:                      (LOUDLY) Pathetic – quite pathetic. Go and sit at the back.


                                                Right that’s the test finished. All the teachers at the back please collect your P45’s on the way out. And stop moaning – how many times have I warned you that I would rid Scotland of all its bad teachers!!!




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